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August 29, 2003 - 12:58 a.m.

Since only three people responded to my question of whether I should have a cast page or not a few entries ago, and all three answers were a definite yes, I decided I'd go ahead and do it. Since it's one in the morning and I have nothing better to do, I figure now's as good a time as ever to do it. This could take forever though. Maybe I'll just keep adding. Ok, enough small talk, now on with the people:

Laura/Lorah/BOB: me.

Jenny/Jane: She's probably one of the most mentioned people in here. I've known her since first grade when she joined my girl scout troop. We started hanging out in jr. high, and the rest is history. She followed me to Monterey for college, but I left and she stayed.

Joe: I've been mentioning him a lot lately. We've been friends since junior year of high school. In jr. high he used to make fun of me. Pft. He goes to UC Davis, which is very close to Sac. We enjoy scouting guys together. He likes men almost more than I do, I think.

Jennifer/Jennifa: We started hanging out in.. umm... sophomore year of high school? I dunno. We had a falling out in March and aren't as close now.

Claudia/Clau: One of my bestest buddies from high school (especially freshman year). She went to Chico last year, but moved back to Mexico where she's from a couple months ago. I miss her :o(

Holly/Holly Kinsie Poo Poo: My buddy I met in choir junior year of high school. She's two years younger than me, and she comes over every Tuesday for Big Brother during the summer. We call it Holly Jolly Tuesdays.

Mom and Dad: Self explanatory. The best parents in the world.

Karen/Kay: My sister. She's six years older than me and lives in Santa Monica with her boyfriend.

Keith: Karen's boyfriend. He's cool, and he looks kinda like Doogie Howser (sp?) He's also very sarcastic, and made Hawaii entertaining.

Charlie: The bastard who broke my heart. We were together for six months. I learned a lot from that relationship.. like I'll never have a long distance relationship again.

Jeremy: He broke my heart before Charlie did a couple years ago. We met through Aley who moved to Idaho where he lived. We flirted online for over a year, and then when we met we hit it off a lot. Two weeks later he broke up with me. We get along now though.

Aley: Jenny's best friend since they were wee little children. She was also in girl scouts with me. Used to live in Idawhore, now lives in Syracuse, New York.

Nick: Another ex (I decided I'd cover all of these now). I actually broke his heart though. I feel purdy guilty about that. We were together for eight months, and I discovered I didn't love him anymore. I think he was a rebound gone horribly wrong. We don't really talk at all.

Nick (usually mentioned with the other Nick): Nick's best friend. He was also my best friend when Nick and I were together. When I broke up with Nick, he disowned me, and that pissed me off greatly. We also don't talk anymore.

Nelson: The guy I was rebounding from when I got with Nick. We met through yet another friend who moved to where he lived. He was the first guy who liked me back, and my first kiss, so I didn't handle our break up well. We talk every once in awhile now. He's cool.

Laura (not me): My ASL buddy from high school. We made up all kindsa inside jokes in class, and I gave her rides home from school when I was a junior and she was a senior.

Monica/Monicaca/Monicocka/Martha: Monica, Jenny, and I were inseperable during sophomore and junior years of high school. I had a huge falling out with her, though, and we're not as close, although we still chat sometimes.

Selena: My choir buddy during senior year of high school. We had both choir classes together and made sarcastic comments to each other throughout the periods.

Amy: My cool-ass roommate when I was at CSUMB. We got along well and talked shit about our other roommate together.

Roommate: The other roommate. I never used her real name cuz it's not very common, and I didn't want her getting here through a search for her name. She was annoying. Very annoying. I also refer to my current roommate at Sac as Roommate because she is also annoying and also has an uncommon name.

Rachel: Our next door neighbor in the dorm. She and Amy were good friends, and she soon became good friends with me too. She joined in on the shit-talking sessions and watched a lot of trash teevee with me.

Alisa: Jenny's annoying roommate at CSUMB. She smelled like wet dog.

Vanessa: Jenny's cool roommate at CSUMB.

Kevin: The only kinda-friend I made at CSUMB aside from Amy and Rachel. He lived downstairs and had a huge crush on Jenny.

Matt: Charlie's friend who I met while we were together but really bonded with after we broke up because he had just broken up with his girlfriend.

Rachel (not to be confused with the other Rachel): Matt's ex. She writes really well, but she discontinued her diary (she'll be back). We chat online sometimes.

ezi: I met her through diaryland and have met her in person three times. She is very funny, but very shy. I think she started getting used to me last time we met though :o)

Serena: The first friend I made at Sac, and only so far. She's in three of my classes, and we get along well.

onto other online friends from over the years...

Neal: We met through diaryland a year and a half ago, and hit it off right away. He's one of my favorite people.

Chris: Neal's friend who I actually knew before Neal. It was a crazy coincidence when I realized they knew each other. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we don't. He gets pissed at me easily.

JerryStanwood: Met him through diaryland three years ago. We were all flirty at first, but that only lasted a month. He's a great guy, and we talk all the time. Sometimes I think he knows me better than I know myself.

Zach: Another diaryland friend. I actually met him through his friend Travis, but I don't talk to him anymore. Zach and I were flirty for a couple periods of time, and I hurt him a lot when I got with the previously mentioned Jeremy. We only just recently started talking again.

Kelby: Online friend I met in a Britney Spears chatroom with Jenny and Monica a few years ago. We were also flirty a couple times. God, I'm such an online whore.

Louise: A friend who reads my diary. I originally met her when I was trying to set Kelby up with someone and I did a search for his hometown in diaryland. Now I talk to Louise more than I talk to him.

Jordan: A diarylander who contacted me after I posted on girlboy. He and I used to flirt ALSO, and we still talk often.

Jeremy/Kevin (not to be confused with the other Jeremy or other Kevin): I met him online when we were both thirteen. He's probably the online friend I've known the longest. We haven't been talking lately though.. he seems to have disappeared.

Russell: Jeremy's friend who I chatted with for awhile, but also have lost contact with.

Paula: A girl I met through Jeremy. We used to talk like every day, and then she really started getting on my nerves, so I stopped talking to her.

SeanStarr: A guy I met online when I was searching for other CSUMBers before I went to school. We were planning on meeting, and everything went weird. I think he wasn't who he claimed to be. It kinda freaked me out.

Jason: A guy I had a crush on in high school. I wrote him a letter confessing my feelings, and he rejected me.

Cute choir boy: A guy I admired from afar in choir class in high school. Jennifer got his sn for me, and I tried IMing him, but he didn't seem very interested.

Stephanie, Sara, Katie, Jami, Richard, Laurie, etc.: Coworkers at Ash St., my previous summer job. Other various kids I worked with are also mentioned frequently in my summer entries.

Phillip, Bianca, etc.: People I worked with at Hallmark in March and April of 2002. I didn't like Phillip (the manager), so I quit.

Candace, Barbara, etc.: People I worked with at Michaels this summer.

I'm getting really tired, so I think I'm gonna end this for now. I feel like I've left out a lot of people, so if you think of anyone I have, let me know. If I can think of anyone else I'll finish this later. Now that I've read it, it seems really negative. I like a lot of the people in my life, I really do! Hehe.. oh well. It's just a guide. Ta! ~BOB

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