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June 14, 2001 - 4:24 p.m.

Ok, so I'm liking the whole diaryring idea...

<A Year Written!>

<I Have More Than 500 Entries!>

<I'm a Gold Member!>

<I'm a Diaryring Addict!>

<My Name is Laura!>

<I Know Sign Language!>

<I'm Liberal!>

<Make the Republicans Go Away!>

<George Dubya Sucks!>


<War Sucks!>

<America Needs a Change!>

<I am Not Perfect!>

<Racism Sucks!>

<I Download Mp3's!>

<I'm a Virgin!>

<I Don't Wear Make Up!>

<I'm Drug-Free!>

<I Don't Drink!>

<Diary Reviews are Stupid!>

<It's My Diary!>

<I'm Not Your Stereotypical Teenager!>

<Tanning is Stupid!>

<I Don't Smoke!>

<I'm Not a Pink Kinda Girl!>

<I'm Pierced!>

<I Pee in the Shower!>

<I'm Always Cold!>

<I'm Lonely!>

<I'm a Half Pint!>

<I'm a Pisces!>

<I Call the Bay Area Home!>

<I'm a Diaryland Dork!>

<I Always Sing Along!>

<Music Makes the World Go 'Round!>

<Pop Music Sucks!>

<Spear Britney!>

<I Love 80's Music!>

<Yay Punk Rock!>

<Ani DiFranco Rocks!>

<The Ataris Rock!>

<Saves the Day Rocks!>

<New Found Glory Rocks!>

<Weezer Rocks!>

<Dashboard Confessional Rocks!>

<Incubus Rocks!>

<Coldplay Rocks!>

<The Foo Fighters Rock!>

<Green Day Rocks!>

<Jimmy Eat World Rocks!>

<Jack Johnson Rocks!>

<Poe Rocks!>

<Fiona Apple Rocks!>

<Tori Amos Rocks!>

<Sarah McLachlan Rocks!>

<Jewel Rocks!>

<Sheryl Crow Rocks!>

<Dido Rocks!>

<Michelle Branch Rocks!>

<Lisa Loeb Rocks!>

<Moby Rocks!>

<Queen Will Rock You!>

<Long Live Daria!>

<I Love My So-Called Life!>

<I Love Chandler Bing!>

<I Love Friends!>

<I Love Phoebe Buffay!>

<I Love Queer as Folk!>

<I Love The Wonder Years!>

<I Love The Matrix!>

<I Love Office Space!>

<Run Lola Run!>

<I Love Ferris Bueller!>

<I Love Back to the Future!>

<I Love Edward Scissor Hands!>

<I'm Lactose Intolerant!>

<I Use AIM!>

<I Lost a Pet :o(!>

<I am a Cat!>

<I'm a Kid at Heart!>

<I Love Dave Thomas and Wendy's!>

<I Love Harry Potter!>

<I Love Oliver Wood!>

<I Love Jones Soda!>

<I Love Krispy Kremes!>

<I Love PEZ!>

<I Love Rainbows!>

<I Love Bubble Wrap!>

<I Love Altoids!>

<I Love to Sleep!>

<I Love the Sims!>


<Yay Diaryland!>

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